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this was 2009

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starting with the piggys on their way to mc dee “i´m lovin´ (sh)it”. they appeared not only in bristol but as well in london later in the year.

next was “the billion dollar wanker boy”, hamburg, germany, in april. it was really fun to place him @ the gaensemarkt and watching people passing by. don´t know what happend next day with him but anyway he was still there at night.

in june the banksy exhibition in bristol started and one piece needed more explanation for the audience: “eat the egg b4 it becomes a chicken”

in august some people found their cars “clamped”: clampers are wankers!

and then came bank holiday and the bristol harbour got some beauties: “nothing lasts 4ever – not even beauty”:

and this was reallllllyyyyyy funny!
swine flu was going round in europe and in the u.k. and some swine-flu invaders found their way in bristol and london. maybe there are more in the next year. let´s see.

and of course there were some other things going on, some sticker and the “angry boy”.
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summer 2009 – piggies invasion london shorditch

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now we´re in charge! take control of the country, 100000 swine flu cases in the u.k. in the early summer.
well, what´s about london?! so i placed some piggies in shorditch.