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finally out on dvd and as download: exit through the gift shop

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after seeing the film in march this year i was waiting for the dvd release. it´s out now on dvd and as download in the uk. a must!


“mr. brainwash” or what is reality?

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thanks banksy 4 one of the best films i’ve seen in the last time. “i like this like that!” was it mr. brainwash who said this or was it hurst, koons or another “artist”?! never mind! this is how things work, trustees judge and collectors buying. “i want this because they say i have to buy it!” here it is! you want some more? take it! i bit like gluttony. whatever it costs, however it looks i’ll take it.
thanks banksy 4 the mirror!

banksy film on sundance film festival

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“exit through the gift shop” @ sundance film festival today, maybe later at cinemas.
watch the trailer:

this was 2009

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starting with the piggys on their way to mc dee “i´m lovin´ (sh)it”. they appeared not only in bristol but as well in london later in the year.

next was “the billion dollar wanker boy”, hamburg, germany, in april. it was really fun to place him @ the gaensemarkt and watching people passing by. don´t know what happend next day with him but anyway he was still there at night.

in june the banksy exhibition in bristol started and one piece needed more explanation for the audience: “eat the egg b4 it becomes a chicken”

in august some people found their cars “clamped”: clampers are wankers!

and then came bank holiday and the bristol harbour got some beauties: “nothing lasts 4ever – not even beauty”:

and this was reallllllyyyyyy funny!
swine flu was going round in europe and in the u.k. and some swine-flu invaders found their way in bristol and london. maybe there are more in the next year. let´s see.

and of course there were some other things going on, some sticker and the “angry boy”.
to disvover more:

eat the egg before it becomes a chicken! visitors need guidance

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bristol museum vs. banksy, event started in june and people queue up for 1hour or more. everything was well organised. and then, i was going around some visitors stood in front of some color pencils and pics: “is this a banksy as well?” one asked the other.
color pens
other people went around and thougth the stuffed ape is a banksy. well, i thought give them some guidance:
“eat the egg before it becomes a chicken!”
chicken before
chicken after
hope it helps!

the best things in life are free!

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it needs no comment, only that i´m not in bristol 2morrow.
but it´s open until the end of august.

nude paintings of taoiseach brian cowen

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bought the guardian this morning and found an interesting article. somebody hangs nude paintings of taoiseach brian cowen resting on a toilet in a dublin gallery.
see the complete article: guardian