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the eye

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well, it took some time but now it´s finished: the 1st eye. there will be some more different pics a little later.the-eye-small


i´ m lovin´ (sh)it – like eating at home or: 3 pigs on the way to maccy dees

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u lovin´ shit? there is one place u can eat like home. mmh. dirty, full of unhealthy food. lots of people like it, that´s why the shareholders are satisfied.
the pigs i created are on the way to it, they like it. i placed them in front of a mc mouse near the cabot circus in bristol. three red & yellow ones. they stood there for hours on a saturday afternoon.
and maybe u know the story of when joseph beuys placed the piece of butter in the corner of the museum? the cleaner came next morning and took it away, cleaned everything because the museum is not the right place 4 a piece of melted butter.
but not the bristol town cleaner. i watched how the cleaner came along, picked up an empty cup and saw the pigs. he picked up one and had a look at it, then he decided to put it back. that´s the way it has to be! thank u!
more pigs in the next weeks around town! keep an eye out!







we come 2 bring u peace – out on the streets II

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i took some pics, unfortunately it rained in the morning. but this is winter. some cardboards were gone in the evening, easy enough to take them home. i know that the scotch tape wasn´t the best choice. but it was the strongest i could getwe-come-2-bring-u-peace-out1

we come 2 bring u peace – it´s out on the streets

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had 2 wait for a dry night and now it´s out: “we come 2 bring u peace”. some cardboards in different sizes and 2 different pics. u find them mostly in the bedminster area. keep your eyes open. i´ll take some pics. later more.

st8ment 2 gaza

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haven´t seen so many st8ments 2 the situation in gaza, that´s why my one on cardboards

graffiti – found in berlin, germany

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i found some impressive and interesting graffti on my european x-mas tour in berlin, germany. one filled nearly a whole wall of a house in the mariannenstrasse, berlin-kreuzberg (unknown artist).

berlin graffiti found on x-mas tour3
berlin graffiti found on x-mas tour2
berlin graffiti found on x-mas tour5
berlin graffiti found on x-mas tour4
berlin graffiti found on x-mas tour1

review of the european x-mas tour 2008 part IV berlin

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last station of the european x-mas tour was berlin, graffiti metropolis of germany. there were some good spots to place the cardborards, of course at the east side gallery. this is a part of the berlin wall, still existing and full of graffiti painted after the berlin wall came down. the cardboards i left where picked up very quickly, so have fun with them at home! another good spot was the alexanderplatz in the heart of the city and the area around the “hackesche hoefe” and some parts in the west berlin centre.
european x-mas tour 2008 berlin1
european x-mas tour 2008 berlin2
european x-mas tour 2008 berlin3
european x-mas tour 2008 berlin4
european x-mas tour 2008 berlin5
european x-mas tour 2008 berlin6